On alcohol

In the West, our social lives and behaviours have evolved around alcohol consumption. We rely on it as a social lubricant for so many situations, and have convinced ourselves that we cannot talk to new people, dance, sing, hook up with someone, tell someone how we feel or even have a good time without it. I am among them, so was excited – upon coming to a dry country – by the prospect of taking a six-month detox. Although, as I have mentioned in previous posts, alcohol is more readily available than predicted, I have still been without this safety net on many occasions. I’m happy to say that I still had a good time – perhaps an even better time as I avoided the possibility of getting emotional or doing or saying things I would regret. Not to mention suffering from a hangover the next day. I really admire this aspect of Islam but doubt I’ll manage to keep up the good behaviour once I’m back in Europe where the temptation to drink is far greater.


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