Sudanese Arabic: food & drink

Moya – water

Shay bi nana/kurfa/zanjebeel – tea with mint/cinnamon/ginger

Karkaday – hibiscus

Assir – juice

Laban – milk

Jebena/gahwa – spiced coffee

Obasha – mix of 7up and yoghurt

Sherbot – local beer brewed from dates

Aragi – local liquor made from dates

Aaysh – bread

Rice – ruz

Tuffa – apple

Samak – fish

Fatura – breakfast

Fatira – Sudanese flatbread

Dakwa – peanut paste

Fuul – fava beans (dried or pureed as a dish)

Fatta – a mix of ripped up stale bread, tomatoes, onion, green  leaves and stock

Kissra – thin pancake-style bread often served with lamb and a sauce

Gurassa – think pancake-style bread served with a sticky sauce made from spinach, okra, or meat and given its consistency from okra powder

Assida – porridge (moulded) and often served with a bread sauce

Tahina – sesame-seed paste mixed with spices, garlic and lemon

Baba ghanoosh – aubergine puree

Sharwarma – kebab meat in fatira/bread

Farowla – strawberries

Manga – mango

Gawafa – guava

Bateekh – Watermelon

Lamoon – lemon/lime

Tamatem – tomato

Chicken mandi – Syrian dish of spiced chicken with yellow rice

Om ali – Egyptian/North Sudanese dessert of flakey pastry, nuts, raisins, milk and spices

Addis – pureed yellow lentils

Fuul sudani – peanuts

Giddad – chicken

Tamia – falafel

Balah – dates

Sukker – sugar

Shakshooka – scrambled eggs with chopped onions and tomatoes (also has another meaning – prostitute)

Zalabiya – deep-friend dough, donuts served by tea ladies for breakfast

Salata – salad

Gibna – white cheese

Safari – take-away (food)

Sita shay – tea lady

Laziz – delicious

El hisaab – the bill

El menew – the menu



  1. As’salamu alaykum. Is there a book of sudanese arabic i can purchase? If so, please send it to my email inshaAllah.

  2. Abu said:

    It will be better if u used Arabic translieration.
    My best

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