Sudanese Arabic: useful words & phrases


0 Sifr

1 Wahid

2 Itneen

3 Talata

4 Arbaa

5 Khamsa

6 Sitta

7 Sabaa

8 Tamaniya

9 Tisaa

10 Aashra

11 Hidaashar

12 Itnaashar

13 Talataashar

14 arbataashar

15 Khamastaashar

16 Sittaashar

17 Sabaataashar

18 Tamantaashar

19 Tisaataashar

20 Aishreen

21 Wahid wa aishreen

30 Talateen

40 Arbaeen

50 Khamseen

60 Sitteen

70 Sabaeen

80 Tamaneen

90 Tisaeen

100 miya


Ahlan – hello

Salam aleikum – peace be unto you (response Aleikum salam)

Alhamdullilah – Thank Allah

Sabah al khair – good morning (response sabah al noor)

Masa al khair – good evening (response masa al noor)

Ma’a salama – goodbye

Inta kwayes? (m)/Inti kwayesa (f)? – How are you?

Izzeyak? – How are you?

Kaef – ok

Tamam – good

Miya miya – excellent, great

Common Phrases

Aiwa/ai – yes/yeah

La –no

Min fadlak – please

Shukran – thank you

Afwan –welcome

Low samahtee – excuse me/please

Inshallah – if Allah permits

Bizmillah – in the name of Allah

Ismuki? – What’s your name?

Aumri kam? – How old are you?

Min wen? – Where are you from?

Mafeesh – I don’t know

Mumkin – possible

Mumkin assiad? – Can I help?

Ana min Ingiltera – I’m from England

Arabee shwaya – I only speak a little Arabic

Bikam/kam – how much?

Shinu/fi  shinu – what/what’s up

Malesh/ana asif – sorry

Fi – there is

Ma – not

Mafi – there isn’t

Bes – enough/all

Giddan – very

Dagiga – one minute

Masura – rip off/person who is always late

Mushkila (Kabeera) – (big) problem

Walahi? – really?

Yani – I mean

Mush – right?

Shufti – look/see

Mafroot –  must/need to


Aswad – black/aubergine

Bossel – onion/pinky orange

Asfar – yellow

Ahmar – red

Ahdar – green

White – abyed


Jelabiya – Sudanese dress for men

Tobe – Sudanese dress for married women

Obiya – Sudanese dress for unmarried women

Tarka – scarf

Taggia – Muslim cap

Imma – Turban

Sibha – Muslim prayer beads


Hina – here

Hinu – over there

Helaas – stop

Tawali – straight on

Lif yemeen – turn right

Lif shimalak – turn left

Straight ahead – giddam

Marsha wen – where are you going?

Ana marsha – I’m going…

More useful words

Jama – university

Ustaza – teacher

Luhra – language

Englezeya – English

Britange – Britain

Hilwa – beautiful

Kateera – expensive

Haj – pilgrimage

Imam – essentially a Muslim priest

Sadig(a) – friend

Khawaja – foreigner

Bukra – tomorrow

Almaniya – Germany

Sharia – street

Hamam – toilet

Barra – outside

Garoosh – money

Guinee – one Sudanese pound

Om – mother

Bint – girl

Yoom – today

Arabi – Arab/Arabic

Gamal – camel

Maznoon – crazy

Mowa Salat – public transport

Habibi – baby/darling

Amir – prince

Haba Haba – little

Dukan – corner shop

Marwaha – fan

Cursi – chair

Tarabesa – table

  1. Alazar said:

    really you are a nice blessed person. i just arrived to sudan and really i found it so help full. i have one comments if you do not mind , that is please add some useful phrases in daily life like can i have a cup of coffee , where is British Embassy etc thank you so much again. please if you are still in Sudan i would like to meet you . all good wish may God keep you safe at all times

  2. Happy said:

    How do you say yummy in Sudanese????

  3. Mariana said:

    Please, what does it mean capetang in Sudan language?

  4. graham lea said:

    it would be nice for the words to be pronounced in arabic sudanese so that they can be pronounced properly

  5. Maria Timms said:

    Thank you so much…i have learnt so much…pls post more useful words or phrases.

  6. Davis ondieki said:

    Nice phrases,big upz.l add for e.g when your flirting/seducing lady thae/s wat l wan to know

  7. Davis ondieki said:

    thank u,but hamam means bathroom and toilet is bagana.

  8. Josh B said:

    Really helpful, thanks ! Going to impress my Sudanese girl by memorizing as many of these as possible 🙂

  9. Otema James said:

    may you please broaden your translation, it’s helpfull!

  10. elljaerial boa said:

    Thank you this was very helpful, one of my friends is going to South Sudan in November so I am writing out useful phrases for her. This site was very easy to read and very helpful. Bye, keep posting more.( 🙂 )
    Elljaerial Boa x

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